Psychology of Baseball

Psychology of Baseball ( is our site for information regarding how players and coaches think regarding the game of baseball, and how their perceptions affect performance.  For now, we will provide a blog-style Q & A approach in addressing truths and myths about warm-ups, gear, training, and coaching.

Want tips and analysis on playing the game? -- my friend John Paciorek has a great blog at

The summaries below are based on published academic articles from the fields of Psychology (including Sports Psychology), Sociology, and Kinesiology.

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This site was deployed officially on 2/18/2014, and updated last on 7/8/2017.

Site Contributors:

William Marelich, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology at CSU Fullerton.  His research interests include decision-making strategies in various applied settings, group dynamics, and statistical/methodological approaches in experimental and applied research. To date, he has authored or coauthored over 70 articles/monographs, including the book, "The Social Psychology of Health." More information may be found at  He has been a Manager/Coach for Little League Baseball in Minors, Majors, and Juniors since 2010, winning the League Minors Championship as Manager in 2013 to advance to his District Tournament of Champions.  In 2016, his Majors team finished with the best W/L record in regular season, as did his 2017 Juniors team. He served as President of his local Little League (2015 Season), and a Board Member from 2013-16.  In 2015 he was Little League Tournament Director for his District; in 2016 he was Little League All-Star Manager placing 4th out of 10 teams; and in 2017 helped coach a combined league All-Star team to a 2nd place finish for his District. He is also a certified Double-Goal Coach through the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Garrett Chase - Garrett Chase completed his B.A. in Psychology in 2015 from CSU Fullerton.  His interests include Sports Psychology and the accuracy of applied research in sports-related settings.